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Snowed In

So we’re all waking up today and being told to stay at home.

The stuff we take for granted like getting up and heading off to work

or dropping the kids off to school has been taken away from us.

It’s funny how you only notice the value of stuff

that you usually take for granted when it’s taken away from you.

The very same can be said for your health.

So many lads think they’re invincible.

Taking their health for granted,

Working themselves into the ground,

sleeping f#ck all,

eating sugary sh#te to keep them going,

and not making anytime for exercise.

They get away with it for a while

but eventually it catches up with you

and nature bites you in ass.

A lot of lads who start with me in Bulletproof Dad

come in close to the 30% mark when I do their initial body fat test.

And when you consider that anything above 30%

is considered obese for a male.

They’re a bit taken a back form it.

They know they’ve let themselves go,

but never would they have thought they’d got to the point

of being borderline obese.

It can be a bit of a reality check

but thankfully by then,

they’ve already taken the first big step

and joined the program.

So that body fat score is no more than a starting point for them

that will soon be forgotten history.

So whatever you do, don’t take your health for granted.

Andrew “don’t mess with nature” Lahart

PS if you need a hand getting started

here’s the application link for the 2 week trial for Bulletproof Dad:

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