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A soft pudgy little fella

This was part of the Mick O’Dwyer’s story about one of the

greatest players to ever grace a GAA pitch.

Eoin “the bomber” Liston

Here’s his exact description:

“After ’77, we found a man by the name of “The Bomber” Liston. 

He was a nice, soft, pudgy little fella when I got him. 

He was a great man for the Mars Bars, and the packages of Smarties, and what have you. 

And by God, he had the sign of it.

But he lost about five stone weight. 

Night after night, here in Waterville, training. 

He made a big difference to the team. 

He was the missing link I think”

The lesson from here is simple,

where you’re a bloke trying to shift the weight,

there’s simply no substitute for doing the work.

You can sugar coat it all you want but,

the harsh reality is there’s no substitute for

making an effort with the food you eat

and getting some regular exercise going.

The 3 major issues I find wit lads are

1. They hate the gym

2. The weather can be too unreliable to get outdoors

3. They don’t have the time to commit to a sport that maybe they used to play when they were younger

Hence the creation of Bulletproof Dad 4 years ago.

A training program that get serious results but is time sensitive

and lads actually enjoy being part of.

And because showing up is half the battle,

enjoying the process is so so important.

When you commit to the process the results follow

Andrew “simple but effective” Lahart

PS Here’s an application link to BPD

if you want to find out more about the 2 week trial


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