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Spend them wisely

The standard of decisions you make in life

has a direct correlation with the amount of knowledge

and experience you have.

Would you agree?

Well I deffo do.

Reason being I see it with all the lads that train with me

on the Bulletproof Dad Program.

Because they learn about nutrition,

what matters & what doesn’t

they automatically start to make better decisions

When it comes to their food.

So they can get the best result from their training.

The biggest thing I try hammer home to them is

“Spend your calories wisely”

In other words

Choose foods that will bulk up your meals

Without romping up the calories.

So you stay fuller for longer.

Vegetables do this so so well

So add them to every meal u can.

This video shows how much veg you get for 200 cals

in comparison to other foods,

of much smaller portions.

Here’s the direct link to my facebook page,

I just posted the 1 min video on the page there.


Click the link above and check it out for yourself.

Andrew “big spender” Lahart

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