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Still Alive

So I had my stag in Galway over the weekend.

Hence no email yesterday : )

And because these experiences only come around once

I went with 1 goal:

Have fun.

So rather than stress about the bad food & the booze

and beat myself up about it.

I’ll just use it as his motivation

for this week to get back into good habits.

And because I’ve surrounded myself in an environment

of decent eating habits

and training with a group of close friends

It’ll be easy to transition back to my “normal routine”.

Where as if I didn’t put myself in this environment

I’d be at risk of letting the bad weekend spill into the week

as I’d no proper routine nailed down.

Once you have yourself in the right environment

It’s easy to show up and be motivated.

I see it with lads who join BPD all the regularly.

They have bad experiences with the gym in the past.

Going on and off for years.

But once they join BPD,

they enjoy the buzz of training with the other lads

and they can see the benefits fast.

so they continue to show up and train.

Which makes all the difference

Andrew “good habits” Lahart

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