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Still got it

Went to the ACDC gig last week,

f#ck me it was WHOPPER!

For a bunch of auld lads,

they can still put on a savage show.

Lansdowne Road was hopping!!

You’re led to believe that when you reach them retirement years,

you’re supposed to slow down and take it easy.

f#ck that, not this bunch of gents.

They do what they want.

Packing out large stadiums around the world,

reaping the rewards from all the songs the wrote back in their earlier days

Basically they topped up their music bank account years back,

And now they’re cashing in on it.

Just like my Bulletproof Dad Program.

You do the work now,

topping up your health bank account

so that you can reap the rewards for years to come.

You can get away with a sh#t lifestyle for only so long.

Eating sh#te, too much booze

and too much sitting on your hole.

It will eventually come back to bite you on the arse.

And you’ll have a nice bulging gut to go with it.

If this is the case already,

I’ve got bad news mate.

It’s only gonna get worse

Unless you take action of course.

What’s stopping you?

Is it laziness?


Is a genuine lack of knowledge costing you dear?

In other words, are you trying but

you’re doing the wrong exercise & eating all the wrong things.

Not sure?

look down at your belly,

he’ll let you know whether you’re making progress or not.

I’ve had 2 spaces open up for Bulletproof Dad.

So if getting proper guidance, support & motivation

is something you think you need,

click this link to book a phone call with me:

Andrew “back in black” Lahart

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