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Surprised Response

So yesterday I mentioned I was back in the gym

while still away on honeymoon.

And I got a few surprised responses

Often I’ll have a lad say to me that life is too short

for worrying about what to eat and drink.

And while I take his point,

that yes there’s way more to life than just exercising

and eating well,

there is a little bit more to it.

See I took 2 weeks off the gym

Between the week of the wedding and then the first week away.

Aka “recovery week”

But while I’ve got loads of walking in and had plenty of food & drink,

You still miss the benefits of the gym

And that feeling afterwards.

And while I thoroughly enjoyed the 2 weeks of

beer wine bread and icecream,

the novelty soon wears off and you start to feel like sh#t.

So that’s why I started back now,

because I enjoy the benefits of weight training.

I’ll still have the treats

But because I’m back training, the damage done will be way less.

All about balance as they say : )

Andrew “so don’t be worrying” Lahart

PS Gonna be taking in some new recruits for BPD later this month

Spaces as always will be very limited though.

Here’s the application link if you want the info on the 2 week trial:

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