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Swap the c for a k

The more and more research I do on health,

the more warnings I come across about smart phones,

well facebook in particular.

See something a lot of us can be guilty of

(myself included)

is that we compare our ‘behind the scenes’

to other peoples highlights.

And where we tend to this most

is when we’re scrolling through that news feed,

that’s full of our “friends” pictured all dolled up

in their best gear and full of smiles.

Let’s not forget the ones that are checked in

having the most awesome time ever.

Nothing really wrong with this

(although some of these check-ins can wreck your head)

but nowhere on the news feed

does it mention about their insecurities or troubles.

And when you’re having a shit day

this is the last thing you probably need to looking at.

But because the smartphone can be so hard

to put down we can’t help ourselves.

And as a result,

we put ourselves in even worse humour

looking at this sh#t.

Kinda f#cked up when you think about it.

But I know speaking from personal experience

it’s something I’m guilty of doing regularly

despite my best intentions.

So if you find yourself doing the same thing

just remember that people’s Facebook life

tends to only include the highlights of their real life

for everyone to see.

And if you’re a pissed off bloke

that hates how you look

this will just make you feel worse.

But like anything that pisses us off

you do have a choice in how you react to it.

You can let it depress you even more

go into your shell and feel sorry for yourself.

Or, you can use it as fuel for the f#cking fire.

Put the smart phone down

get up off your arse

and make a change.

So that, you can create some of your own highlights.

If you need help getting started

just click the link below:


I’ll put you on my waiting list so that you’re first in line

as soon as an opportunity to work with me

comes available.

Andrew ‘beware of fakebook’ Lahart

p.s. blown away about the feedback from my online program

really given me the motivation to get it done.

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