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Tailor Made

Heading to a wedding this weekend,

so decided it was time to pick a new suit.

Being a trainer means it’s nothing but wearing tracksuits

the majority if the week.

It’s great to be honest : )

On the odd occasion I’ve a suit on,

it usually means someone has died

or in this case someone is getting married.

Some of you might argue that’s the same thing, ha.

Anyways because of my unique physique

(big arse & tree trunk sized legs)

I decided I’d go to a proper tailor,

rather than just buy one off the rack.

So I could get one that actually fitted my specific requirements.

Rather than have something bet onto me.

Be nice to be able to sit down

without fear of splitting the arse out of the trousers.

So anyways, I went and got fitted.

And ended up getting something completely different

to what I had originally planned.

All based on the tailors advice.

See he know’s what he’s talking about so I listened.

And am very happy with the end result.

Any of you gents trying to lose weight

are faced with a similar scenario.

Go join a generic one size fits all gym?


join a specific program like Bulletproof Dad

ran by a trainer that’s regularly proven to help lads just like you.

If you value your time

& want to actually see some REAL results for your efforts

I’d suggest you go for the latter.

And actually enjoy the process along the way.

Which makes all the difference.

I’ve 2 spaces opening up on the Bulletproof Dad program next week.

Here’s the application link if you want me to give you a call

later this week to discus the details:


Andrew “wide load” Lahart

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