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Thank f#ck for that

First off, apologies for the lack of emails over the last few days,

had my final exams to become a physical therapist on Sun.

So priorities had to kick in.

Gotta admit tho, despite the course being full of great info,

preparing for the exams seriously sucked balls.

It doesn’t matter how interesting you find the subject you’re studying

as soon as exam time comes around,

all that enjoyment goes straight out the f#cking window.

The enthusiasm for learning new info thats cool as f#ck,

gets replaced by a crippling fear of failure.

The reality is if I fail the exams,

I’ll just have to do them again in a couple of months.

No big deal really (hope it doesn’t happen tho)

But it still doesn’t stop your thoughts going wild.

Constantly thinking about the worst case scenario

What if this comes up, or I get asked that.

It’s basically the fear of the unknown kicking in.

So much so that it can cloud your better judgement

and working you up into a state of overwhelm & fear.

Where as if I just focused on doing the f#cking work,

the result would take care of itself.

Rather than stressing about stuff I thats outta my control.

Can be easier said than done at times.

Exact same can be said for the lads who start training with me.

Especially the ones that haven’t done any training for a longtime.

Some of them can be a nervous wreck

walking through the gym doors for the first time.

Head is full of fears that they’ll be the fattest guy there,

or the most unfit or even the weakest.

And that the other lads will be super fit & they won’t be able to keep up.

But all it is, is that fear of the unknown going into overdrive

and making you feel vulnerable as a result.

The reality is for me that I couldn’t care less

what fitness level or weight you are starting off.

Because I know once you put the work in,

both will transform in no time.

All I care about is your attitude,

because that will dictate whether or not you’re willing to put the work in

or you’re just full of sh#t.

So if you’re one of those lads, getting held back by the fear,

take the first step and book a call with me,

we can have a chat & see where you’re at.

Here’s the link:

Andrew “done & dusted” Lahart

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