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The Approval Committee

> Jesus you can’t try that.

> Nobody does that.

> What will they say?

Ever find yourself saying these things to yourself?

You think about trying something new

but you talk yourself out of it because of fear.

Usually it’s a fear of failure or a fear of standing out from the crowd.


Because it opens you up to potential criticism.

It’s like you have this committee of people sitting in your subconscious

who tell you what you can and can’t do, say or think.

And all their decisions are based

on the perception of what other people might think.

Your happiness or what you really want

doesn’t even come into the equation.

So the decision you eventually make is based on other people’s happiness

rather than your own.

Kinda f#cked up when you think about it.

Don’t know about you but it’s something I’m very guilty of.

But at least now I can recognise it and work on it.

But being aware is that first step.

So if you’re a dude that hasn’t trained for a while,

chances are this committee in your brain

is working overtime and talking you out of going back training.

Maybe it’s afraid you’ll fail again,

or maybe it’s afraid you’ll be the most unfit one there.

So it tells you these stories over & over,

so that you avoid it and stay the same.

Only problem for you is the same means

being pissed off, frustrated and out of shape.

But hey, at least you won’t upset anybody else,

which as that committee is concerned about.

So here’s the deal, if you’re sick of listening to these stories

I’ve got one space for a strategy call

left over form yesterdays email.

If you want to give yourself that kick up the arse you need

and shut that committee up once and for all

click this link:

If you want to stay the same, don’t.

Andrew “if they don’t like it, tough” Lahart

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