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The BIG Speech

Sitting here trying to put together the last few bits for my speech tomorrow.

This one’s a bit different though, as it’s my wedding.

Completely different buzz getting up in front of your family and friends.

But I’ll keep it simple and stick to the fundamentals.

Same style like I do for my health & wellbeing seminars I do.

Only this time I better not start going on about topics like:

> How to stop your desk job from making you fat

> How changing your body image impacts the key areas of your life

> How to make lodgements into you health bank account

> How to eat the foods you enjoy & not gain weight

> What social media propaganda to ignore

> What exercises to do when time is against you

I’ll keep those for the seminars I’ve lined up when I’m back to normal in a few weeks : )

Anyways there’s no email tomorrow (for obvious reasons)

So I’ll catch you next week

Andrew “wish me luck” Lahart

PS if you would be keen to have me come in

and speak with you & your colleagues

(not my wedding speech)

here’s the link with the details:

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