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The Bonus Effect

Almost a year to the day since one of the lads

started training with me in Bulletproof Dad.

I was chatting to him after our session on Friday

In that time he’s COMPLETELY TRANSFORMED his body.

Gone from 21% body fat down to 12%.

No bad for a so called “auld fella” in his 40s : )

But anyways, he went on tell me some really good news.

A big reason he joined Bulletproof Dad last year was

that his son is a very handy GAA player.

And as he (my client) used to play GAA when he was younger

he would take his son out for a kick about

and help him practice.

But his weight and lack of fitness was holding him back

and he was struggling for energy trying to keep up with his son

especially after a busy day at work.

But now that he’s lost all the excess weight

from training with me twice a week in BPD

his fitness & energy are no longer an issue.

So he’s able to take his son out for a kick about

without the struggle.

And last week for the first time

his son got called up to the Dublin GAA panel for his age group.

Fair play to him!

And talk about a prime example of how the people closest to you

can benefit from you getting back in shape.

My biggest frustration as a trainer is that lads

will use their busy jobs & family

as a reason NOT to make time for themselves

and get some training in.

They struggle to see the bigger picture,

of how their family & work performance can only benefit

from a fitter, more energetic version of you.

While I do understand where their coming from

Hopefully the above example will give them some perspective.

Andrew “Up The Dubs” Lahart

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