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The BPD Test

Has your doctor ever measured your Body Mass Index?

Basically it’s a quick health calculation

looking at correlation between your weight and your height.

What’s a healthy range?

Well that’s where this simple equation gets quite complicated

and to be honest, pretty misleading.

Here’s an article I found online this morning:

It outlines 4 strong arguments against BMI testing.

Keep an eye out for #4 in particular which mentions

body fat calliper testing instead

(what I use with the lads in BPD)

It also uses a few of the Irish rugby lads as an example

of the limitations BMI testing has.

If you’re confused by all this you can always try the not so subtle

“BPD Wall Test”

Step 1. Raise your arms up and hand behind your head

Step 2. Walk (slowly) directly towards the wall.

Step 3. Note what part of your body hit the wall first.

Was it your face or your toes?

Or was it the overhanging dad belly?

Get my point?

It doesn’t have to be too complicated.

If you’re happy, healthy and full of energy carry on.

If you’re not, do something about it.

Andrew “testing, testing” Lahart

PS Here’s that link again:

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