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The Depressing Reality

Had this article sent to me by a friend during the week:

It’s all about how that in the next 8 years

33% of Irish adults are going to be clinically obese.

(read that again)

One in every 3 people, that is absolutely frightening.

And it’s not just carrying a few extra pounds,

we’re talking proper obese

and all the fun stuff like diabetes and heart disease that come with it.

Pretty serious stuff.

How did this happen and what’s to blame?

Is it the food we eat?

Our sedentary jobs?

A lack of time to exercise?

The truth is it’s a combination of a few different things.

And the harsh reality now is

either you make a conscious decision to look after yourself

or you get fat.

There’s no in between anymore.

Modern life has evolved to a point where being obese is almost the norm.

So unless you make time to exercise

And pay attention the food you eat,

you’re gonna pay the price.

Sounds harsh, but you can’t argue with the stats

whether we like it or not.

So I thoroughly recommend you have a quick look at the article,

here’s the link again:

Andrew “the truth hurts” Lahart

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