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We’re the fattest in Europe?

Well it’s official gents.

Only a matter of time before we’re gonna be the fattest men in Europe

in 10 years according to todays new headlines.

So what about all the pizza, croissants, wine & beer

that all the Europeans are famous for eating?

Surely they eat worse than us?

Well the facts don’t lie,

as a nation we’re getting it very f#cking wrong.

See problem is, being obese goes way beyond just looks.

Bottom line being that being overweight means

you’re WAY more susceptible to a tonne of major health problems.

So as a nation, this bad news brother.

So what’s the cause for the rise?

> Our increasingly sedentary lifestyle?

> Our love for pints?

> Our love for treats?

> Our bat shit crazy working hours?

> The lack of time to get any decent exercise in?

The truth is it’s prob a combination of all of the above.

So do yourself a favour mate.

Don’t let yourself become part of the statistics.

If you’re in a bad rut,

recognise where you’re going wrong

and take the necessary action to address it.

If you’re lost and don’t know where to start,

get help.

The accountability if nothing else will help heed the bad habits.

But it all depends on you taking that first step

and deciding to MAKE time for yourself

so that you can eat some decent food

and of course get some proper exercise in.

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Andrew “going against the trend” Lahart

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