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The game changer

Been working very hard the past few months,

on putting together a tracking system

for all my lads in Bulletproof Dad.

A system that helps them track not just their training,

but everything else that has a direct impact on

their weight, their health, and their fitness.

You see it’s all well & good training hard,

working your ass off,

turning on “Beast mode”.

The reality is, no matter who you are,

you can only train as hard as you can recover.

I don’t give a f#ck who you are,

this statement is the reality of being HUMAN.

Think about elite athletes,

they spend most of their time recovering,

rather than training.

As for my Bulletproof Dad’s,

who are busy as hell

with their work & family life’s

they don’t have the privilege of sitting around on their asses

monitoring every thing they eat & do.

So I’ve created the Bulletproof Score System.

It gives them a simple step by step process to follow every day,

that ties in with their busy, blue arsed fly schedules.

How do you know you’re winning at something?

You keep score.

How do measure your progress?

You track it.

How do you know you’re struggling?

You look at your score.

Make sense?

Apart from giving the lads support, guidance & motivation,

one of the biggest things I do is give them ACCOUNTABILITY.

Which is huge.

Most of the lads know what they should be doing,

but until they get that much needed kick up the arse,

nothing changes and they stay in that rut.

This system is gonna ramp the accountability up

to a whole new level.

Which as a direct result, is gonna supercharge the results

the lads are gonna get from their training.

No insane training programs,

no rabbit food diets,

just proper sensible things,

done consistently every day,

that add up to make a HUGE difference.

I’m holding a meeting with all my clients on Friday evening,

to go through this system with everyone.

It’s gonna get everyone fully focused for the run in to Christmas.

If you’ve been following these emails,

and saying to yourself you must give it a go when the times right.

I f#cking urge you to click this application link:

so you can get involved in the Bulletproof Dad Program

and be at this game changer presentation on Friday,

rather than start later on, having missed it.

So if you’re an out of shape dad,

fat, tired, stressed out,

click this link:

And I promise it’ll give you the biggest kick up the arse

you’ve been crying out for.

Click it,fill it out with total f#cking honesty

and we can arrange a phone call for later in the week.

Andrew “changing the game” Lahart

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