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The longest

During one of yesterdays BPD sessions

one of lads passed a comment on how it was

“the longest he’s stuck at anything”

when it comes to the gym or exercise.

And he also admitted before he joined,

he had been following me “for months”

before he actually built up the courage to do the application.

See it can be pretty intimidating when you’re thinking about joining.

Especially if you’ve let yourself go over the last few years.

We’re all guilty of the fear of the unknown

& of course the fear of failure.

So we talk ourselves out of things before we even give them a go.

The whole point of the Bulletproof Dad Program

is to help you get out of the rut.

To help you get fitter, lose the belly & tone up.

No matter what level you’re starting from.

All I’m interested is your attitude

& your commitment towards achieving your goals,

No matter how big or small you think they are.

I don’t care what fitness level you’re currently at

Because in a couple of months you’ll have improved so much,

Where you’re at now will just be a memory.

After all, what would be the point of the BPD program

if you already have to be fit & slim to start?

Nobody ever submits an application with me

because they’re happy with their current situation

It’s why I always say Bulletproof Dad is for REAL lads,

who enjoy their food and who have a social life.

Because when you enjoy the process, you keep it going consistently.

And that’s what is all about.

Andrew “the proof is in the consistency” Lahart

PS If you want more info on how the BPD 2 week trial works

hit me an email back and I’ll send you on the BPD Blueprint for free.

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