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The Man Pouch

Most of us have had one at some stage in our life.

That lovely layer of excess

that just hangs on the lower portion of our abdominal area.

aka the belly.

Every lad, without exception who starts training with me

mentions it.

And how they want it to f#ck off back to where it came from.

It’s the first place where us gents store our fat.

Been a lazy boy lately?

Been eating sh#te?

No need answer, your belly will let you know.

A deposit will made in the belly fat account.

So whether a lad says his priority is to get more energy

or to improve his fitness,

Losing the belly is always a nice added bonus.

Thing is though for most lads who’s main focus is to lose the belly,

they make a critical error.

They focus on spot fixing.

As in they think the answer is to do a sh#t tonne of ab crunches

to target that area.

But the reality is, ab crunches on their own

are limited as f#ck.

and if you over do it, you’ll just f#ck your back up

and have a nice hunchback posture gaining on.

And very little change will happen around the belly.

BUT if you combine some full body strength training exercises

with eating some decent grub

Bang, the whole game changes!

Squats, lunges, presses, pulls

all combined in the right manner,

that’s what makes the difference.

And you can consider adios to that nedser

Andrew “pouch makes me grouch” Lahart

PS if Squats, lunges, presses, pulls

don’t ring any bells with you,

I think you better book a free strategy call with me,

and see if I can help you out.

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