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The Mixed Response I Get

You know the deal,

everyday I make a commitment to send an email.

Most days I get it done,

and the odd day I don’t.

The responsibilities of running a busy gym gets in the way.

But here’s the truth

when you put content out as much as I do,

you leave yourself open to criticism & judgement.

And the feedback you get can be mixed to say the least.

Here’s just some of the reasons typed in my unsubscribe box:

“Initial contact is interesting but the constant mailing smacks of

desperation for clients”

“Using far too many expletives, very unprofessional I feel”

“Its crap talk”


My ego took a bit of a bitch slap there.

I should probably listen to them & stop right?

That way they won’t criticise me anymore.

But then I wouldn’t get responses like I got yesterday:


I still get your emails even though at the time you had no place for me.

This is not a complaint,it’s actually gratitude I need to show you!

You gave me your nutrition book and a kick up the arse that any change

that I needed had to be done by me.

I have lost a stone and doing more exercising now.

Walking more and trying to jog (which will come!),

my lifestyle has changed for the better!

Busy with 5 kids but I’m putting more time to myself now!

So thanks and keep sending those emails.

Inspirational and motivational!”

So here’s the lesson I take from it.

Every action you take can please some people

and piss off others.

You can’t please them all.

So who do you focus your attention on?

As far as I’m concerned,

I’m putting free information out there.

If people take offence, that’s their funeral.

As long as it’s helping others,

no f#cking way am I gonna stop.

You should treat yourself the same.

Even if your mates know & rely on you as “the fat one”.

The party animal who’s always great to go for a pint.

Ye they mightn’t like the new you,

the one who looks after themselves,

and drinks a little less.

But despite this, you chose to take action,

you see the benefit and start feel better about yourself.

If other people choose to take offence

and tell you “you’ve changed”

That’s their business not yours.

Don’t let it stop you.

Andrew “do it for you” Lahart

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