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The More Mature Nedser

There’s a BIG myth out there

that weight training is just for young fellas.

That it’s not suitable for the

“more mature gentleman”.

Thankfully there was a new study published in medical journal Obesity

to help dispel this nonsense.

In this particular study

Researchers followed more than 10,500 men

aged 40 years or more over a 12-year period,

documenting their personal weight and cardio workouts.

The study found that those who added 20 minutes of weights

to their regular cardio workout

gained less fat around the middle

than those who purely hit the treadmill.

Lead author of the study Rania Mekary, PhD explained: 

“Engaging in resistance training or,

ideally, combining it with aerobic exercise,

could help older adults lessen abdominal fat

while increasing or preserving muscle mass.”

All with just a 20 minute weight session.

Not bad eh?

Imagine what a properly structured,

hour long session can produce.

Being guided by an experienced trainer,

and training alongside likeminded Dads.

The results can be unreal,

as you can see here:

Andrew “not just for young bucks” Lahart

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