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The Rower Brothers

You must have seen the video clips yesterday.

The 2 gents from Clonakilty (where they make the pudding)

winning silver for Ireland in the rowing yesterday.

The interviews have been gas,

talking about all the “schteak n schpuds” you can eat

at the olympic village.

But after watching a replay of the race yesterday,

you can see just how much they push each other.

They were absolutely boll#xed at the end of the race,

they gave it absolutely everything.

You can’t help but wonder,

if it was an individual race,

would they be able to generate the same level intensity.

It’s something all the lads in Bulletproof Dad comment on.

How being part of a small group

makes them work WAY harder

then if they were just in the gym on their own.

All the lads agree on how having a set plan when you walk into the gym

combined with having the other lads around them

it automatically makes them UP THEIR GAME.

And get so much more form their workout.

And I think the two O’Donovan brothers are a great example

of how having someone else alongside you,

giving you a tonne of support, motivation, and accountability

It forces you to level up

and push harder then you ever could alone.

And as a direct result, achieving more.

Andrew “schteak n schpuds” Lahart

PS I know a few of you lads didn’t get a hanse to apply for the

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So I’m gonna keep the applications open for the weekend.

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