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There’s more to it

It’s attracted a lot of criticism and in fairness

I can see where they’re coming from

(to a point)

The first nutrition video I shared with you last week

was all about the foundation of what I do with the lads in BPD.

And that foundation (of our nutrition program)

is to create a slight calorie deficit.

In other words, burn off more calories than we consume.

But here’s the deal

just solely focusing on the calorie content of food

is a pretty sh#tty way of looking at food.

If you just cared about calories, then technically you could just eat

say 5 mars bars a day, and still be in a calorie deficit.

Not exactly what you’d call healthy now is it?

And for that reason a lot people criticise focusing on calories.

But this why I love the pyramid system that I use.

It acknowledges that calories are important

but also makes sure that you don’t overlook

the basic health requirements you need from food.

All that fibre that helps your gut function properly.

As well as all those vitamins & minerals that are essential

for your optimal health.

So here’s the quick video link to explain it proper.

How we balance both the health side of nutrition

as well as the weight loss side.

Here’s the direct link:

Only 2 mins 40 secs so check it out now.

Andrew “eating for the health of it” Lahart

PS managed to get the screen sorted.

Paid a fella in Sri Lanka on : )


Here’s the link again:

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