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Training like a BOD

Have you seen this video trending online?

Brian O’Driscoll pushing hard in the gym.

He may be retired from rugby

but he’s still keeping fit.

Despite his busy media career & young family

he still makes time for himself

and looks after his health.

Good on him,

most ex players tend to pile on the weight when they finish playing.

No more training,

combined with a ferocious appetite that they’ve built up over the years.

Eating like an athlete, but not training like one

is a bad combination.

Could be all good food but

the basic law of calories in vs calories out

get’s neglected.

And as a result the weight piles on.

I posted the video on my Facebook Page,

Here’s the link, go check it out:

Those battle ropes are a favourite for the lads

in my Bulletproof Dad Program.

They’re seriously tough, but work an absolute treat.

Andrew “Sunday Fitspiration” Lahart

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