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Send Your Expanding Belly Back To Where It Came From & Have All Your Mates Wondering How The F#ck You Did It

Are you a stressed out Dad that is sick of :

  • Struggling for energy in work
  • Squeezing into your trousers
  • Wearing loose tops to cover over the bulging gut
  • Being too exhausted to play with your kids
  • Listening to your mates poking fun at your belly

The Bulletproof Dad Program

The program is delivered in 3 separate options:

Bulletproof Dad Platinum

Just you & me in my private gym. I’ll write you a tailor made program based on your goals, fitness level, injuries or posture problems. Take you through all of the exercises and make sure you get put through your paces, so that you can get the absolute maximum from each session.

Bulletproof Dad Gold Standard

You & a max of 7 other lads training together under my supervision & guidance in my private gym. As the groups are strictly capped at max of 8 dudes you have the benefit of being pushed by the other guys as well as full access to me. This couldn’t be further from a oversized bootcamp, with people bumping off one another trying to do jumping jacks. We do all the work I do with my 1 to 1 clients with added benefit of having the banter with the other guys.

Bulletproof Dad Online

The same tailor made program, just delivered in a different way.
You get access to my private membership site, which gives you a complete breakdown of what workout to do and when. There is a clear video demo of each exercise so that you know what to do & how to do it. So when you rock up to your own gym you will be armed with a clear action plan so that you can get a top quality workout done, without wasting time.

Added Bonuses

  • The full version of my “Nedser Melter Recipe Book” so whoever is in charge of the cooking at home will never be short of ideas. (contains 83 healthy recipes that genuinely taste delish)
  • The full of version of my Nutrition Guidelines so that you’ll never be fooled by fad diets ever again.
  • Access to a private Facebook Group so that you have direct access to me and the lads that are going through the same process as you.
  • Regular body fat analysis to accurately track your progress (offline options only)
  • Complimentary recovery shake at the end of each training, so that you will be fresh for your next training session.
  • 100% money back guarantee. If for some reason you fail to drop body fat, I’ll give you back all the money that you have invested in me.

So if you are genuine about taking action, here's the link to book a FREE strategy call with me.