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If You Travel: Personal Trainer Swords

A good few of the lads who train with me in BPD

have to travel mid week with work.

And they can struggle with eating while away.

While I deffo appreciate the difficulty with travelling with work

and having to attend clients meals in particular.

I’ve created a blueprint to manage such situations

as lots of the lads who are in my BPD program have to go

on meals with work clients regularly.

So it’s no big deal.

Let me give you an example.

You go out for a meal with clients,

there could be up to 10 of you at the table

so attracting attention to the “healthy food” you’re ordering

is not really something that you want.

Creating a fuss

and inviting questions like

“are you on a diet”

etc etc

So rather than creating this bug fuss,

here’s what the lads do.

For the starter order the salad option

or a protein option like chicken wings.

For mains go with a meat or fish option.

With some potato and veg on the side.

Then for desert order a skinny cappuccino

That way you get a decent portion of protein & veg

without blowing out on calories.

Also it means you can participate in each course,

have nice grub, be well fed

and not attract any attention or fuss to what you’re ordering.

Because let’s face it

Telling you to order a salad on it’s own with no dressing etch etc

probably ain’t gonna happen.









And when it comes to the booze, sticking to lower calorie options

will also stand to you.

It might sound obvious but making these good choices on a

consistent basis can add up to make a big difference.

So there’s no need for having to avoid these work outings.

Andrew “keep her simple” Lahart

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