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Treat yourself

You just can’t beat it.

a good cheat meal

or reward meal

or whatever you like to call it.

It can really take the sting outta following

a nutrition program or a “diet”.

because if you get a craving for something,

provided your nutrition program you’re on allows for it,

you know that at some stage

during the week you can actually have it.

Because if you’re like me

going complete cold turkey on something

is just not an option.

It’s only a matter of time before

temptation gets the better of you.

If I tell myself i can never have something again

It just makes me want it MORE.

It’s no coincidence that the best nutrition programs

are the ones that allow you the flexibility to cheat.

So if you are “going on a diet”

allow yourself the flexibility to have a reward every now and again

and don’t persecute yourself for doing so.

Provided you’ve earned it.

Meaning you’re doing some decent exercise

And making an effort to eat well most of the time.

Go for a beer with your mates,


go for a meal with your missus,

Because while the scoops obviously aren’t good for ya,

at least being out socialising and having a few laughs.

Just don’t reward yourself with sh#t.

Don’t sit in with a sh#tty takeaway & 2 litre bottle of fizzy muck.

that will just make you ill.

And you’re worth more than that.

Whatever your “treat” is

you should still feel good after it.

Andrew ‘a cheatin’ bastard’ Lahart


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