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Wanna do it myself

This is something I come across regularly

when I’m chatting to lads on a strategy call.

They’re dead keen to finally lose THE weight

& get rid of the belly.

But for some reason they want to do it ALL BY themselves.

They have this romantic vision that if they do it all alone

it will count for more.

Like they’ll have proven it to themselves.

I can see where they’re coming from.

But only problem is…

they’ve been going it alone for years now.

And where’s that lead them?

Usually out of shape

and badly struggling for energy to get through the day.

Because otherwise they wouldn’t be booking a call with me

in the first place.

So while it sounds great in theory,

the reality is

this “going it alone” mentality

has failed them spectacularly up to now.

So why the f#ck all of a sudden

do you think you can keep doing the same thing,

but expect a different result?

That’s Einstein’s definition of INSANITY.

Maybe it’s a pride thing.

Asking for help can go against the very nature of some lads DNA

but the truth is for most of us,

asking for help

is the very first step towards transformation.

You just gotta make sure you ask the right person,

someone who’s results you respect,

so that you will actually listen to them.

After all,

when the compliments start flooding in about your weight loss

and you’re energy levels get ramped up,

that’s gonna be all the proof you need.

Whether you got help along the way

won’t really matter a f#ck.

If you’re in need of that helping hand,

click the application link to book a call with me:


Andrew “swallowing the pride” Lahart

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