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“Was going so well”

After one the Bulletproof Dad sessions last night in the gym

I was chatting to one of my newer recruits.

He had joined Bpd back in November.

And apart from the usual bit of excess over the Christmas,

he’s been flying.

Getting on really well with the training

and fully embracing his new lifestyle,

eating better and taking better care of himself.

But the weekend just gone he was over at theLiverpool game with his mates.

And “went a bit mad on the pints”

You could see it in him,

he was disgusted in himself as he

hadn’t had a heavy session like that in months.

But rather than have a go at him

I had to point out that because he was in a

completely different environment to his usual.

Being on the beer with the lads, he was bound

to make a few bad choices.

As everyone in his environment was doing the same.

But unlike previous times,

the following day (Monday) he was already back to his normal food routine

and was in the gym with me yesterday evening.

So while he had a bad weekend he’s already back on it.

So rather than beat himself up about it,

he just needs to use it as his motivation

for this week to get back to good habits.

And because he has a solid foundation

of god regular habits in both his training and eating well laid down.

It’s easy for him to transition back to his “normal routine”.

Where as if this was back in November before he joined BPD

he’s be at risk of letting the bad weekend spill into the week

as he’s no proper routine nailed down.

Andrew “normal service resumed” Lahart

PS if you’re someone who struggles to get back into a routine

after a “bad” weekend.

Email back and I’ll send you on a free copy of my BPD Blueprint

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