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“Well f#ck Andrew anyway”

Had a guy start training with me recently as a 1 to 1 client.

He’s in his 70’s,

A bulletproof granddad if you like : )

He sees me once a week in the gym for strength work

and then I give him a walking & nutrition plan

for the rest of the week.

No point asking him to go to the gym

as he’d just tell me to f#ck off.

He enjoys walking so that what we focus on.

Anyways he was in with me yesterday in the gym,

and after asking him how he got with the walking plan last week.

He said the following:

“I got up to go on saturday morning as promised

but then I saw the rain.

But then I said to myself well f#ck Andrew anyway.

So I put my jacket on and went out for an hour”

See because he had made a commitment to me that he would go

based on the agreed plan we put together.

Combined with the fact he knew I’d be asking him this week

he went out and did it.

That my friend is what happens when ACCOUNTABILITY

is brought to the table.

The reality is we all know what we should be doing most of the time

Te hard bit is actually getting motivated enough to get up & do it

and do it consistently.

And for busy dads, that’s where Bulletproof Dad comes in.

It gives you that Motivation, Support & Accountability

to get up and do something.

And stick to it!

All because you enjoy the process and see the results.

Here’s the link for the free online program I’m running next week:


Andrew “f#ck me” Lahart

PS I’m happy to say Jim is already down an inch off his waist

since starting with me last month.

So these walks are working just nicely : )

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