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Well for him

Anytime I put a transformation pic

of one of my Bulletproof Dads on Facebook,

or on my website,

some dickhead usually has his say.

It’s pretty predictable, some dude

that spends his life making excuses,

and trying to bring everyone else down to his level

has a few words to share.

“it’s well for him”

“He must must live in the gym”

And my personal favourite,

“A pint has probably never touched his lips”

I just laugh and feel sorry for them.

In fact I actually take it as a compliment

because the reality is all of the above statements

are complete bullsh#t.

The whole point of Bulletproof Dad

is that you only have to give up a couple of hours a week

to train, doing the exercises that give you the best result.

So that you can spend the rest of your free time,

happy and enjoying it with the people you love most.

The whole point of the Nedser Melter recipe book

is that you can eat nice tasting food

without gaining weight.

And all the lads that train with me work their asses off

and most of who’m have young kids,

so living in the gym is just not an option,

far from it.

The Bulletproof principle is simple,

you train a couple of times a week,

doing the most effective training for losing belly fat

and gaining lean muscle (strength training)

You follow a flexible food plan, that is sustainable

and allows for a social life.

And you have me to take you through it all

and make sure you f#cking do it.

That’s it, no rabbit food diets,

and no spending all your free time in the gym.

Don’t believe me?

Here’s some before & afters on my website:


(just click the link)

Andrew “yes it is well for them” Lahart

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