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Wellbeing At Work

When a person starts training with me in the gym,

the first thing I do is assess their movement.

Reason being is most of them are stuck at a desk for 40 odd hours a week.

And after 10 or 20 years of it, their posture may have picked up a few bad habits.

So when I go to companies to deliver my

“How to Stop Your Desk-job from Damaging Your Health Seminar”

I cover topics like:

The Detrimental Desk-job Posture

It’s Potential Injury Risks

Upper & lower cross syndrome

The Problem Solver

How to Train Safely

And as I’m a nutritionist I also cover topics like:

  The Health Bank Account

My Nutrition Priority Pyramid

How to Build a Healthy Meal

Just to name but a few.

Because lets face it, everyone has an interest in nutrition

and getting to a healthy weight.

I will be taking more bookings for these seminars in the new year.

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