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What it looks like

If you’ve ben paying attention to these emails

it won’t be much of a shock for you to discover

that I’m HUGELY passionate about helping lads get back in shape.

Particularly those of you that didn’t choose to get fat,

but just that your busy lifestyle got in the way of

any time for exercise.

It happens, I get it.

I see it so much.

So my challenge with Bulletproof Dad is

all my lads time is very f#cking limited.

Between busy jobs & busy family life.

So every second I have them in the gym

(their 2 sessions each week)

I gotta make sure they’re doing the most effective training possible

so that they get the maximum return on their investment.

In other words, the best results possible.

Here’s what that training looks like:


Click the link above,

it’s a link to my Facebook page

where last night I posted a very quick video of the lads

training with me in the gym.

This would be one of my more advanced sessions

as most of the lads have been training with me a while.

I guarantee you these lads, didn’t start at this level.

But a combination of listening to me and supporting each other

and doing it consistently over a period of time

they’ve made MASSIVE progress.

Here’s the link again,

go see for yourself what’s involved:


Andrew “men at work” Lahart

PS if you like what you see,

drop me an email back and I’ll pop your name down on the waiting list

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