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What’s in it for me?

For those of you gents that submitted an application for

Andrew’s 14 Day Complimentary Kick Up The Arse Program

and get accepted,

here’s just some of the major benefits that you can expect:

A clear action plan of what you need to do to get the results that

YOU want.

By now most of you dudes will know I’m a big fan of strength training.

The reason being after a workout your body will still be burning fat

for the next 2-3 days.

The action plan I give you ill show you how to do this properly

rather than just pr#cking about in the gym.

Turbocharged energy levels so that you can dominate your working

day and be a super hero to your kids when you come home.

Almost every dad I train works a stressful job.

When you’re fat and your energy levels are on the floor

you end up overdosing on sugar and caffeine just to get through the working day.

So by the time you get home to your family you’re exhausted

Bulletproof Dad gets you out of this rut almost immediately.

Send your expanding gut back to where it came from.

This is a given unless you have an underlying medical issue.

That bulging gut of yours will be taking a hike so much so

I offer a money back guarantee if it doesn’t.

A strong athletic body

This is not just a bog standard weight loss plan which involves

massively cutting calories and constantly feeling deprived.

The strength program involved will have you packing on muscle

around you chest, shoulders and arms so that you don’t end up

looking like a gaunt sick version of you.

A common sense flexible nutrition plan so that you can get the most

from your training without having to cut yourself off

from your friends and family.

The best diet is the one that you can actually follow.

Andrew ‘five times better’ Lahart

p.s. if you didn’t apply yesterday, here’s the link with the details:


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