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Who won the GAME?

How do you know?

How do you know who won the match at the weekend?

> You check the score

How do you know your car needs a service before it breaks down?

> You check the number of miles

How do you know you can afford to buy something?

>You check the number in your bank account

How do you know you did a good set in the gym?

> You compare the reps to the last time you did that exercise

You see the pattern?

It all comes down to the numbers.

Numbers help you track something.

They allow you to keep score.

And if you put them in a clear, honest system,

they will never lie to you.

How do you win the match?

Simple, you score more than opposition.

As f#cking obvious as this sounds,

there are some areas of our life that are completely numberless.

So we’ve zero accurate way of monitoring our progress.

Ye you can assess your feelings but

feelings change, every day.

All it can take is a sh#t night’s sleep to put you into bad form.

So realistically it’s not accurate enough.

There’s too many variables that can influence it.

That’s why for my Bulletproof Dads

I’ve created the Bulletproof Score system.

They’ve a simple checklist that covers their

training, recovery & nutrition.

Nothing crazy, these are busy men

so all they gotta do is tick a few boxes each day

on their score card.

Takes 2 mins, and keeps them on point.

They can track everything,

without having it taking over their lives.

They tote up the score & send it to me at the end of the week


Which changes everything.

To an extent, we all know what we SHOULD be doing

But without support, motivation & accountability

you’re f#cked.

If you’re unhappy with you’re current situation

you can put it down to a VOID in

support, motivation & accountability.

Fill that void & you sort out your problems.

Don’t know where to start?

Get help from an expert in that field.

Someone you respect & will listen to.


But yet, we’re all guilty of creating stories not to do it.

Andrew “what’s your story morning glory” Lahart

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