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Why a Protein Shake?

If you stood outside my gym door at the end of a session

you’d see all the BPD lads walking out with big sweaty heads

and a protein shaker in their hands.

See the reason I give my a clients a protein straight after a workout is simple.

After a tough strength training session,

muscle tissue will have been broken down & needs to rebuild soon as.

And what’s the body’s primary fuel for growth & repair,

you guessed it…


Also, the fact it’s in a liquid format means it is easy to get into you

so it can kick start the recovery process asap. 

Plus obviously it’s way more convenient than bringing 2 Chicken fillets with you to the gym.

This is especially important when it comes to shedding body fat

& toning up muscle in particular.

As one strength training session can keep you burning extra calories for 2-3 days afterwards

as your body is in a state of recovery.

It’s why my clients get such impressive results,

training just twice a week.

When someone tells me they’d love to start but they just don’t have the time,

I just nod and say fair enough,

but in reality, chances are they prob spend at least 10 hours a week,

plonked in front of the TV.

And all I’m asking for is 2.

The vast majority of my BPD lads, have young kids and still make it their business to make their training.

They make time because they understand the value in investing time for themselves.

And because they take care of themselves,

they are then in a better position to help others close to them

Andrew “Take care of YOU” Lahart

PS Here’s a link for the 2 week trial if you’ve been thinking about taking action:


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