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Why Dads?

The past number of years working as a personal trainer,

There’s been a recurring theme I’ve seen

with most of the guys between the ages of 30-50 that I was training.

They all had a similar story

putting on a few pounds once they had settled to have a family.

And while the wife can go to weight watchers, or bootcamp

The guys were expected to go to the gym alone,

with no guidance or support from a personal trainer.

And it usually ends in failure considering

most lads are used to being part of a team

Having played sport when they were younger.

Bulletproof Dad has been designed specifically for lads

who have stopped exercising for one reason or another

over the past few years.

And as a result, their waist size has expanded over the years,

developing a nice little dad belly.

And their fitness levels are way lower than what they used to be.

And as personal trainer I was seeing this pattern recur over and over.

This is why I created the Bulletproof Dad Program

As well as a personal trainer, I’m also a nutritionist and a physical therapist.

All of these skills have been combined and implement them into BPD

And the results I’ve helped the guys achieve

to this date have been fantastic.

The personal trainer skills help the lads get fitter and stronger.

The nutritionist skills help the lads learn about food and how to get the best results possible from their training.

And the physical therapy skills help lads manage

and overcome any longterm or niggly injuries they have.

having launched Bulletproof Dad 3 years ago,

it’s taken over my gym Defined Fitness ever since.

Here’s the link to my website and you can see what BPD is all about:


Andrew “more than a personal trainer” Lahart

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