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Why willpower is a loada…

Doing a lot of study at the moment on the area of

human behaviour & psychology.

See the reality for me as a trainer,

despite all the cool stuff you learn about nutrition

and the advanced strength & conditioning techniques

stand for absolutely nothing unless…

you can actually get your client to do it.

You can give someone all the info they need

but unless they have a genuine reason to do it,

it ain’t gonna happen.

It all depends on the sweet mix of

education, support, motivation & accountability.

How much, all depends on the particular person.

For example,

he might have all the knowledge of what he needs to do

but massively lacks the motivation to do it.

Sound familiar?

but here’s the kicker.

When it comes to eating well,

you can talk about stuff like motivation & will power all you like.

But I’ll have you consider

The urge to consume food is one of the strongest urges

a human can experience.

Think about it, we need calories & nutrients to survive

so subconsciously your brain will send the hunger signals out

until you eventually can’t ignore them.

The more you restrict your food,

the stronger the urges become

and the more likely you are to binge eat.

(read that last sentence again)

So no matter how “motivated” you think you are

to lose the belly once & for all.

Going on a massively restrictive diet

is just gonna set you up for another failure.

Beyond our survival needs,

food also has what’s called a hedonic effect.

Meaning it needs to have a certain level of enjoyment.

It’s why we all naturally have our own personal favourite foods.

So going on a diet that doesn’t allow for any of these foods,

you’re gonna lack that hedonic effect

and as a result you’ll f#cking hate the process.

And when you hate the process,

you’ll just be counting down the days to when you can quit

and fall back int old habits.

The bottom line is,

unless you enjoy the process,

you’re gonna really f#cking struggle.

So as you can see it goes way beyond “not wanting it enough”.

Your body & brain require calories, nutrients, & enjoyment.

Try to starve them of it

and they’ll make you pay.

Andrew “hedonic” Lahart

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