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WTF man?

With Bulletproof dad well and truly back in action

after the little Christmas break

I was chatting to one of my BPD lads on Wed.

He was back home in Cork over the holidays.

So he bumped into some family he hadn’t seen for a while.

And they all greeted him the same:

“What the f#ck have you been doing man?!”

They all couldn’t get over the difference in his appearance.

He’s been training with me since early August

and already there’s a very noticeable difference.

Especially around his face and chin area.

And also dropping 2 jean sizes, from a 40 inch waist to a 36.

When you consider it had been years

since he’d done any decent exercise

before joining the Bulletproof Dad Program,

he was absolutely delighted with the feedback

as all the relatives couldn’t help but notice.

So while he joined the BPD program for himself

and for his kids.

(To have energy to play with them in the evenings)

He admitted that it was nice to get the compliments

as it’s validated all his hard work since joining BPD

So what was his secret?


He decided to take action and join Bulletproof Dad

While all his mates talk about how “they must do something”

He actually went and did it.

If you’re currently in a similar rut like he was back in Aug,

click the application link below and let me give you a call to chat about

how the 2 week trial works for the new BPD program:

Andrew “WTF you waiting for” Lahart

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