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You already know

Here’s the deal mate,

you kinda already know what you should be doing.

For the most part,

you know what food is good for you,

and what food is sh#te.

Same goes for exercise.

You know it’s good for you,

you know you should be doing something,

at least a couple of times a week anyways.

So why aren’t you?

What’s the big stumbling block in the way?

Is it a lack of knowledge?

Not really,

ye there’s some bullsh#t myths out there about

so called healthy foods

& the so called “best” exercises.

But let’s face it, you know enough to know

what you should & shouldn’t be doing.

But yet you do the bad stuff anyways.

So what the f#ck is it then?

Is it a lack of motivation?

Probably is to a certain degree.

When you’re trying to go it all alone,

it can get boring, frustrating

and bottom line just downright sh#t.

So you just fall back into old, unhealthy habits.

So what do you need to keep motivation levels up?

For most Dads it’s a combo of



and most importantly accountability.

These are the BIG 3.

And for busy Dad’s

it’s how to incorporate it into their blue arsed fly lifestyles.

Not much point in me telling you to go to the gym everyday

& eat nothing but salads every meal.

When you barely got time to fart during the day,

never mind try follow that sort of a monotonous plan.

It’s why I created Bulletproof Dad,

so that I can show lads like you

how to get in shape with the minimal amount of time spent exercising.

So you can get on with being a Dad & a bread winner


You combine the best form of training you can do (strength training)

with a flexible healthy eating plan

(that allows for a few pints or treats)

So that you can actually enjoy the process

and therefore stick to it.

It’s why it works so well,

because it’s designed in a system that’s easy to maintain

so that you can stay consistent as f#ck the whole way through.

Little changes that add up to make a big f#cking difference,

provided you make the daily habits.

With Bulletproof Dad,

the strive is for consistency, not perfection.

Consistency encourages action.

Wanting perfection just breeds excuses not to.

And when it comes to exercise,

the last thing you need is another excuse not to.

It’s why now all my lads use a daily score system

to track their progress

and KEEP them in good habits.

And already it’s working wonders.

Andrew “not just a flash in the pan” Lahart

PS Gonna take 1 strategy call over the weekend

below is the link if you wanna book it.

We’ll have a chat & see where you’re at

& if I can help you out.

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