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You’ve changed

Be prepared mate,

Not everyone is going to want you to do well

if you decide it’s time to get your arse in gear

and lose the excess pounds.

Especially if your mates know & rely on you as “the fat one”

The party animal who’s always great craic

and always game ball to go for a pint.

Ye they mightn’t like the new you.

The one who looks after themselves,

and drinks a little less.

So what do you do?

Stay as you are and try not bring any attention to yourself.

If you’re happy with your current situation,

then maybe that’s not a bad plan


if you’re NOT happy,

why the f#ck are you worrying what others might think.

Prioritise YOU, you’ve only got one life.

May aswell try and enjoy yourself.

Be the person who chose to take action for You.

If other people choose to take offence 

that’s their funeral.

And if they tell you “you’ve changed”

That’s their business, not yours.

Don’t let it stop you.

If you need help getting started,

just fill in this application to get me on the phone:

Andrew “do it for you” Lahart

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