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5 Survival tips for Xmas

Don’t usually do many Top Tip emails like this.

But considering the time of year,

I think it could be beneficial for you.

(provided you actually implement them)

So yer it’s officially silly season again.

But hey,

there’s nothing wrong with kicking back and relaxing.

Having some fun with the family & catching up with friends.

Some trainers would try have you feel ashamed for doing so

with their #nodaysoff bullsh#t.

F#cking leave them to it.

It ain’t gonna guilt trip me into not enjoying myself over the next week.

Have a few night’s out planned to celebrate my engagement

with my friends & family.

But here’s what I’m gonna do everyday

so that I can enjoy my few drinks & treats

without sabotaging all my years training.

I’ll eat a high protein breakfast everyday.

Eggs are usually the most convenient

& I can vary thew way I cook them to keep them enjoyable.

A decent breakfast will set me up proper for the day.

2. Drink a min of 2 litres of water a day.

Keep me hydrated, enough said.

3. Get a min of 7 hours kip every day.

If I don’t sleep right, I’ll crave high calorie/sugar foods the next day.

I’d be straight over to the nearest box of roses I could find.

4. I’ll eat a min of 5 fruit & Veg every day

This will keep my nutrients & fibre levels up

so that I can help my body detox any alcohol that’s consumed.

5. I’ll keep a daily food diary on myfitnesspal

By tracking what I eat & drink it will keep me accountable

and stop me from going full retard,

which can be very tempting this time of year.

If you’re not familiar with tracking on myfitnesspal,

now is prob not the best time to start,

so you might want to leave that last one out.

Especially if you haven’t got any proper guidance as to what your

personalised targets should be.

It might sound daunting,

but I brought this system in with the Bulletproof Dads

and the latest round of body fat testing has genuinely blown me away.

Guys who have been stuck on the same body fat % for months

have dropped pretty significant amounts in only a matter of weeks.

Savage stuff altogether!

I’ll email you a few progress pictures over the Christmas

to show you what I’m on about.

But in fairness numbers 1 to 4 should pretty simple to follow

and they will massively help you offset any damage you do.

If you’ve young kids who like wake you up in the middle of the night,

try plan a nap during the day to offset the tiredness.

Plus there’s always coffee to sort you out ; )

Bottom line is lads,

this email is completely f#cking useless

unless you actually implement what you’ve read.

So it’s up to you buddy.

Andrew “don’t go full retard” Lahart

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