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A HUGE mistake

A massive part of being a personal trainer is

looking at and assessing your client’s food diary.

Seen hundreds, if not thousands over the years.

And to be honest,

I can probably count on one had the amount of people

who are consuming a “decent” amount of protein

on a daily basis.

The vast vast majority of lads who start training with me

eat a very heavy carbohydrate dense diet.

Think about it:

Cereal & toast for breakfast.

Sandwich or a Roll for lunch.

Pasta, rice or spuds for the bulk of your dinner.

And probably a few tea and biscuits thrown in there.

Maybe even a pint or six thrown in for good measure ; )

So you can see it’s carb, on top of carb, on top of carb.

Don’t get me wrong carbs aren’t all bad.

Treating them as the “enemy” and cutting them out completely

in order to just lose weight,

well that’s just unnecessarily restrictive.

But when they make up the big bulk of your diet

and your protein consumption is compromised

then it becomes an issue.

It’s tricky to fully explain over an email so here’s a quick video

of me outlining how I manage this BIG issue

with the lads in Bulletproof Dad:


Andrew “click above” Lahart

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