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A ski lesson

During last night’s Bulletproof Dad session in the gym

one of the lads mentioned he was heading off skiing for the week.

(lucky bastard)

It’s his first time ever going.

So all the lads that have been before gave him a great tip.

“first thing you do is book a private lesson”

They said he’d learn more in a day

than a week of going to group lessons.

They all were unanimous in their dislike for the group lessons

because all it takes is one uncoordinated fella

to slow the rest of the lesson down.

You spend most of your lesson waiting around

on that fella just walk up a slope.

So rather than waste the limited time he has over there

he’ll get all the essential info


to get the most out of it.

There’s a pretty good lesson in that if you’re trying to get back in shape.

Rather than just joining a gym where you’re left to your own devices

Hire a coach or join a program

where you’ll get not just the necessary info

but also the big 3

support, motivation and accountability

that’s needed to keep you on track.

Give yourself the best chance to succeed.

Andrew “the big 3” Lahart

PS gonna take a strategy call tomorrow

keep an eye out for tomorrow’s email,

I’ll send you the link for it.

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