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All from a seatbelt

You’ll know form following my emails

that I’m fascinated by “triggers”.

You know, that final straw moment.

Where something happens to you,

and you suddenly wake up

& go f#ck I need to do something about this.


Usually with the lads that start with me on Bulletproof Dad

they see a picture of themselves,

or all of a sudden they can’t fit into their pair of trousers anymore.

Or even the refreshing honesty of their kids saying

“daddy’s having a baby”.

Whatever it is, it triggers an immediate response.

Was on a strategy call with a guy on Friday

and when I asked him why he filled out the application

this was his response:

“I travel with work a lot, so my routine is all over the place.

I struggle to get into any routine with food or exercise.

Haven’t done any decent exercise in about 5 years now.

And I’ve been gaining weight since.

I’ve been following your emails for months,

and always threatened to book a call with you.

But on Monday I was getting on a flight to London

and I couldn’t fit the f#cking seatbelt on.

I had to get the extension from the air hostess.

I was f#cking mortified.

It was a serious wake up call for me.

I’ve 2 young boys,

so I need to get myself sorted before I get any worse”

That’s as real as it comes to be honest.

Thankfully, he’s backing up what he said,

and he’s coming in next week to start training with me.

The plan of attack for me is simple.

Get him into a routine of training with me in the gym once a week,

and putting programs together for the hotel gyms he’s travelling to.

Plus make few subtle changes to his food.

Little things that add up to make a big difference,

without overwhelming the poor chap.

Because over the years I’ve learned with diet

if you change too much too soon,

lads get stressed out & go back to old habits.

Keep it simple,

chase one rabbit, catch one rabbit.

No crazy restrictions,

And get out of that rut you’re stuck in.

If you’re in a similar situation,

here’s the link to book a free strategy call with me:

Fill it out with honesty,

then we can have a quick chat & see if I can help you out.

Andrew “buckle up” Lahart


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