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An awful sweet tooth

When I’m on a strategy call,

during the conversation I’ll casually enquire

as to what the prospective bulletproof dad

(the lad on the other end of the phone)

food habits are like.

Probably the most common answer I get is

“I’ve an awful sweet tooth”.

But lets face it mate,

who f#cking doesn’t?

The human organism is genetically designed to enjoy “sweet stuff”

When we eat food that’s high in sugar,

we’ve got reward receptors in our brain that light up.

They f#cking love it,

so they sending signals to get you to crave more.

So that you can get a repeat of that high again.

Sure when fast food companies create new recipes,

they get a team of food scientists to work out the perfect mix

of sugar, fat & salt

that makes those pleasure receptors in the brain explode.

So that you eat it & then crave more afterwards.

Meaning they sell more & make more money.

Makes great business sense.

Only problem is, the poor fella wolfing all this stuff down

ends up lowering his life expectancy

by piling on a tonne of weight.

But hey,

why let that get in the way of a tidy profit for the shareholders.

But here’s the truth.

As long as you keep lighting up these pleasure receptors,

you’re gonna keep craving more.

Nothing to do with willpower,

It’s the way your brain is designed.

So just like a drug addict,

you have to go through a bout of

“cold turkey”

to stop these receptors from lighting up,

& looking for another hit.

And this is where the need for support can kick in.

Unless you have a legitimate reason  cut out the sh#te,

you’re gonna really struggle those first few days n weeks.

For example if a guy joins my program.

All of a sudden he’s putting time, effort & money

into himself.

So when it comes down to it,

that reality is gonna kick into his decision making,

encouraging him to make better choices.


Because he doesn’t want to undo all his hard work.

Makes sense right?

But unless you have that reason not to,

the “stress” of that initial cold turkey period

is gonna break you.

It’s most likely the reason you’re still stuck in this rut.

Andrew “a reason not to” Lahart

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