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Behind the scenes

I met Will Ferrell & Mark Wahlberg yesterday.

Well I say met,

but really what happened was I went to a prerecord

of the Late Late show yesterday morning.

It was just Tubbers interviewing the 2 lads,

who were over for the premiere of their new movie.

Whole thing only lasted about half an hour.

(was a good laugh though)

See basically what they do is,

they pre recorded it yesterday

and then on Friday they’ll blend it in with the live show.

Apparently it’s a regular thing they do.

So much for live TV ha.

It felt a bit weird, discovering all this behind the scenes secrets.

But the truth is we all do the same thing in life.

At times putting up that brave front

when in behind the scenes

we’re worn out & overall just basically f#cked.

This is particularly common when lads open up to me

on the strategy call.

Having the pressure of working flat out at a stressful job

to keep food on the table

combined with a demanding family life

can really take it’s toll on you.

Usually results in you being constantly worn out

& ZERO time for yourself.

Which is a bad mix.

No wonder you’ve put on weight.

No wonder your fitness is nowhere near what it once was.

It’s not that you’re just being lazy,

it’s quite simply life has gotten in the way.

And as the months n years have passed,

the weight has steadily gone up

& the belly has expanded out with it.

I got news for you mate,

you ain’t the only one!

I train Dads every day going through the same thing.

But problem is,

until you decide something has to change,

everything will simply stay the same.

That belly will continue to grow n grow.

So it all starts with a commitment to MAKE some time for yourself.

2 non negotiable hours a week.

That’s all my Bulletproof Dad Program requires.

You show up, put the necessary work in

along side the other lads.

Then go home & get on with your life.

It’s lots of little changes I help you with

that add up to create a huge transformation.

But until you take that first step,

and stop using “I’m too busy” as an excuse

there’s nothing I

or anyone else can do for you mate.

So don’t expect that belly to stop bulging anytime soon.

But if you’re ready to make that commitment

Here’s the application link to get me on the phone:

Andrew “front of house” Lahart

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