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Electric Picnic Woes

Got back yesterday after a cracking weekend at EP

Was heavy going at times,

3 nights in a tent,

and the rain bucketing down for most of it.

But it was well worth it.

Was great to finally see what all the fuss was about

and why the festival is so popular.

But apart from the rain,

one of the biggest headaches was trying to choose

between stages & what bands to go and see.

As there was many good gigs on,

there was times where a few acts I wanted to see were clashing.

(1st world problems)

So I had a choice, go see both gigs for a bit

or just choose one, and stick with it.

Most times I did the latter,

so I could experience the FULL show

rather than half experiencing both gigs.

If you’re a lad trying to lose wight,

there’s a little lesson here.

There’s a million & one

diets & weight loss plans out there

(just look at how flooded your facebook feed is with them)

So it’s easy to get overwhelmed

when you’re trying to get the belly down.

“Is weights better than cardio?”

“Do I need to go to the gym everyday?”

“Are carbs good or bad?”

Depending which “expert” you ask,

you’ll get a different answer for each.

So rather than trying to listen to everyone

and procrastinating as a result.

Make a conscious decision to commit to one person.

Choose someone who has a PROVEN track record

in helping people like YOU.

Someone who’s results you respect.

Once they have a proper grasp of both nutrition & training

you cannot go far wrong.

Andrew “make the decision” Lahart

PS If you need help & think I’m that guy,

here’s the application link to get me on the phone

and find out more about the Bulletproof Dad Program:


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