Groomzilla - Defined Fitness


So next week I’m getting married,

and it’s all systems go at the moment

between getting organised for the big day

as well as keeping the BPD lads on their toes in the gym.

So this week I’m taking all the lads bodyfat measurements.

I do this every 4-6 weeks with the lads,

to track their progress.

It keeps the motivation levels high,

and lets the lads know exactly where their at

in terms of their progress.

And most importantly it cuts out all the bullshit and guess work.

It’s measurable,

So either you’re making progress and keep going as is,

or your not and need to change something to fix it.

Andrew “groomzilla” Lahart

PSHere’s a quick vid I did recently explaining the logic behind the testing

And why it’s a HUGE part of the BPD program:

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