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Have you lost weight?

Prob the most ego boosting question you can get asked.

(unless you’re sporting a body like Matthew McConaughey in Dallas Buyers Club)

Especially when it comes from somebody you haven’t seen for a while.

Happens the Bulletproof Dads all the time.

The next question is usually

“so what have you been doing?”

Or something along those lines.

When they explain how they joined Bulletproof Dad

The reaction can be sometimes mixed.

You see some people can’t get their head around going to a trainer.

Most of them think it’s a vanity thing

Trying look a certain way.

The problem is these people who think like this

are completely missing the whole point of it.

My priority when a lad starts with me is to get them healthy

& losing weight is just one of the many by products of getting healthy.

You see there’s an abundance of studies out there

that show a direct correlation between an expanding waistline and disease.

This study that came out yesterday shows how fatter people are MORE likely to get cancer


Pretty serious sh#t.

So when you take this into account,

there’s a huge difference between training for health

& just training for vanity reasons.

It’s why I refuse to do short term body transformations,

because they can be detrimental your health

Despite their popularity, I turn people away every week

because I don’t want them training with me for the wrong reasons.

But when you train with the goal off getting healthy, your body will drop fat

At a sustainable rate and you will be able to keep it off for the long term

Which is what it’s all about.

So while we all want to look good,

Don’t underestimate the influence training & eating well has on your health.

So it can help you look good, feel good, & lower you’re risk of health problems

Andrew “for the health of it” Lahart

PS Bulletproof Dad is still FULL

so won’t be taking anymore applications this week.

Any changes, will let you know here as soon as.

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