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He Heckled Him (Bad Move)

Went to see Dara O’Briain in Vicar Street at the weekend.

Fiona had got me tickets for my birthday,

seen him a few times now

so we’re kinda like creepy groupies at this stage, ha.

But this was the first time I’ve seen someone in the crowd

try to take him on & have a go at him.

A lad sitting in the front row told him

“he was full of sh#t”

Bit strange when you wonder why he even went to the gig

if he felt that way about him.

Anyways rather than have a go back at him,

Dara stayed cool and started asking him a few questions.

Turned out that yer man was a car sales man.

You can imagine the laugh that brought,

The irony of a f#cking car salesman

telling someone they’re full of sh#t.

I mean the place erupted with laughter.

All Dara had to do was ask him a few questions

and the lad exposed himself for the retard that he is.

And as the show went on,

Dara kept subtly referring back to him

and getting a new joke out of him every single time : )

So what should have been a hairy moment for him,

that could have knocked his confidence and ruined his gig

turned out to be his best comedy material of the night.

All because of how he reacted to it in a calm & classy way.

With that asshole being firmly put back in his place.

Bit like a lad who’s been overweight for years,

tells his mates he’s thinking of joining a gym.

They laugh in his face,

“a fat bloke like you?

I give you til the end of the week before you quit”

How do you react to that?

Listen to them, agree with them

and just continue on fat & miserable.


Do you use it as f#cking fuel to follow through with it

and throw back in their faces

when you’re going out for a beer to watch the match

wearing a fitted medium tee and

all your old XL’s are sitting in a bag headed for the charity shop.

Well the choice is yours mate.

Life can be cruel, people can be pr#cks

you can’t change that.

But remember you always got a choice in how you react.

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